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HØST E03 [6-9.06.2024]

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HØST- Viking LARP | Episode 3
Shopping Guide and FAQ  |  Previous editions of Host Viking Larp

We invite you to a clan-oriented LARP saga based in Northern Europe during an alternated Viking Era

The LARP has an established plot with major events set up before the game, with various paths leading to them and various outcomes based on players' actions. The story is moderated by a group of NPCs spread among the players.

Fights, including safe weapons usage, might happen, yet in general, the damage done to a character shouldn’t get further than bruises or injuries.

The character's death is permanent and can happen exclusively with all players' agreement and only after consultation with the organisers. In case of a character’s demise, we will deliver an after-death experience and a chance to return to the game as another character, even during the same episode (an additional costume set would be necessary in this case).