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The Grey Boars

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A Germanic tribe, loosely based on Heaðobards, accustomed to constant threats from their many neighbours. Living deep in the old forests of Germania, they've become masters of survival. More used to hit-and-run tactics than open-field battles, they always look for weak spots. Fighting with even superior enemies, they would hit strong and fast just to disappear in the forest moments later, repeating this at any time of day or night. It wouldn't be uncommon for a single frenzied fighter to charge into a line of enemies and die just so he can wound, maim and, less likely, kill half a dozen enemies. Excellent hunters and trackers, used to travelling on land, mostly on foot, they would get rid of anything that was not useful or not approved by their holy man. They wear dark colours - black, grey or brown dark as boars' fur. On their thick wool tunics and gambesons they wear elaborate lamellar armours, be it from leather or steel. Sometimes they will even put dirt and mud on their armour just to blend in with the surroundings. Some even go as far as camouflaging their faces, making it so you can barely recognise the human beneath. Skirmishers, wild, perceptive, superstitious, and adaptable.