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The Red Sails

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One can hear a seagull calling behind the ship on a dive for food scraps. The drum gives an even pace. The whip is rarely used. No one enjoys scarred merchandise. They sail north, same as every nine years, but this time the slaves will make the journey easier. The encroaching autumn cold fights the desert’s scorching heat. It will get a lot colder soon, though the warm wind in their minds might still resist their kin’s frosted traditions. They sit around, drinking wine. Covered in exotic fabrics, jewellery, armour and weapons. Gold and silver they earned, stole or killed for shows their worth. Even the Gods could get jealous. They are on their way to boast and brag about their deeds amongst rivals, to hear the stories of old and tell the stories of new, and to decide their fate for years to come. Still, a watchful eye could see some apprehensiveness hidden beneath their relaxed poses. Adaptable, rich, bodyguards, merchants, slavers