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The Silver Wolves

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One can hear a buzz of many tongues accompanied by a clink of coins. The skald is warming up before the evening. He’ll tell the story of a huge loot brought to the city over nine years ago. As always. They've used the treasure to turn their town into a trading centre. Those very few with acumen multiplied money but everyone got their fair share of comfort. The autumn chill brings the smells of a festival so rich that only they could afford to host. Roasted meat, freshly baked bread, spiced mead. Two warriors exchange blows in a training fight. Both are panting heavily. The others are watching in a circle around them. Some have barely buckled up their armour. They don't have much time before the guests arrive. Younglings’ eyes watching with determination. The tournament would be the best way to show their attitude and readiness for an expedition. Possibly the first in nine years. But for now one can hear a clink of old coins, merchants quarrelling and pigs grunting. Stagnant, weary, seeking change, traders.