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Triglav E01 [29.08-1.09.2024]

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Triglav Slavic Larp
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A lot can accumulate in neighbours' minds over the years.

People trade, envy, quarrel, promise, misunderstand, love, betray…

There has to be a place and time to set things straight – one way or another!

A socially-religious larp set in an alternative Europe between 800 and 1000 - a marriage of reenactment and mainstream.

Across a multi-episode tale, you’ll immerse yourself in a community of the tribe, forge your path as both an individual and part of the greater society, and make choices on matters of religion, culture and politics while dealing with any conflicts that may arise wherever those subjects intertwine. 

3 tribes, ~100 players, ~60 crew members, and 48+ hours of game.