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Children of Sviatoslava

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One With The Land / United / Honorable / Free-spirited

Vast seas of grass cover the southeastern plains, cut by mighty rivers and deep woodlands; it's a moderate realm blessed by Mother Mokosh herself. So are the people who live there. They inhabit sporadic towns strung across the emptiness. Those islands of civilization are surrounded by endless fields, taking advantage of almost magically fertile soil.

Those who live here are blessed by Mokosh, the Mother Goddess and Giver of Life. She is a loving deity but whimsical, like the weather. Her people learned to be adaptable and united in the face of change, just as Mokosh changes with each season.

They prefer to fight from horseback using sophisticated archery and swift, curved swords. Horses are seen amongst them as allies and a blessing rather than a simple animal. A bond they take great pride in. Forced to fight on foot, they use small shields, axes, and lighter armor, usually a short chainmail.