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Heirs of Popyel

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Rich / Advanced / Enterprising / Sly

Central Europe's vast forests and meadows connect all other parts of the known world, so all who wish to travel by land must cross them. And so they who live on the crossroads learned to take advantage of this, growing rich from those travelers. They would build many great towns and cities, surrounded by sturdy motte, bailey, and vast seas of golden wheat.

Beholden to Weles, the God of the Underworld and Wealth, they understand that riches and blood often go hand in hand and that everything has a price to pay. This makes them humble on the outside, polite even but ruthless in pursuing their goals.

They clad themselves in good armor and use large tear-shaped shields with long spears. They are famous for large, two-handed axes which can cut through shields and break formations apart.

Sly merchants and diligent farmers. They are very superstitious, taking in every custom they find “just to be safe”. Hospitality is sacred to them, and they take great pride in their reputation as great hosts.

Their clothing is of very high quality, with lots of colorful patterns and jewelry made of silver and amber. Red is their most common color, as they are famed for manufacturing a rare red dye. Skins and furs are also standard in colder seasons.