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Moymir’s Kin

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Warlike / Hardy / Ambitious / Proud

The Carpathian Mountains, cut by many great rivers, are challenging to settle. Thus, people who call them home must be strong and resilient. Forced to fight with many neighbors, they have been forged in the fires of war and hardened by the cutting mountain storms.

They live close to the thunderous heavens and are guided by Perun, the God of War and Thunder, who wields a mighty axe. However, just as he hurls lightning, Perun also sends life-giving rain. And so his people are well aware that renewal follows every hardship.

They arm themselves with rectangular shields, short spears, and axes. Bows and arrows are also common weapons for them, as is the sword, perhaps the most out of all the tribes. Their armor is usually heavier than that of other tribes, with many blemishes and battle marks.

Honorable warriors and ambitious conquerors are very devoted to Perun as a perfect warrior, perhaps even to the point of forgetting about his other side. They take pride in their martial tradition and see themselves as destined rulers of all Carpathia.

Their clothing is simple and practical, with few ornaments. They wear darker colors than other tribes, with deep blues, grays, and browns. What little jewelry they wear is often made of beads and metal bracelets. Their armor is heavy, lamellar, and old, filled with battle marks.