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About Us

From the very beginning, Oak Stall's main goal has been to create costumes for the ever growing LARP community. As LARPs became more and more popular in the world there was a place for our ideas and sometimes very brave designs. We met with a very positive reception, which also made our work even more inspiring and received a kind of new purpose. Our designs began to travel the world, finding their owners. We didn't stop creating, and our team continued to grow. The last few years we have been perfecting our techniques, raising the level of our craftsmanship so that we can complete more and more difficult projects.

Through working with individual clients, we have also been able to establish relationships with Game Development studios, filmmakers and event agencies. Since 2015, when it all started, we have dressed over 300 people! When the coronavirus pandemic broke out in 2020 we held our breath. Our natural working environment was to dress you for larps that now couldn't take place. The number of cancelled or postponed events grew and the raw material supply market slowly began to close, causing a flurry of problems to maintain the studios. Our unique team, who were just starting out on the adventure of creating unique costumes, sadly began to slowly fall apart. When all the organs of Oak Stall began to work more efficiently and deliver you the highest quality costumes on time and as agreed the world stood on its head. We got through over a year of outbreak restrictions together, but it cost us a lot.

Unfortunately I am the only one left from our big team, Kuba, and now I would like to share with you the plans of my idea to reactivate Oak Stall. I have learned a lot in the last two years. Not only in sewing or making costumes, in keeping my word and finishing projects. It hasn't been an easy lesson, but I've learned a lot from it and it's definitely the most positive aspect of my subjective take on Pandemic. And at this point I would also like to make a big apology to all the clients who have experienced this lack of professionalism in recent times. Now that I'm in the process of finishing the last costumes you're so looking forward to, I know what I'll avoid in the future.

Individual projects are very important to me personally - I have learned the most through the diversity of your ideas and visions. Each one is completely different and sometimes I felt like I was starting from scratch looking at a sketch. Each of them also has an incalculable number of potential problems that I have to deal with. These are very worthwhile projects for me and I don't want to part with them - and I won't. Soon there will be new possibilities to order complete costumes according to your expectations. These new possibilities give me even more desire to see the new Oak Stall designs again at various events all over the world.

Here I would also like to tell you about a completely new project - Oak Stall Shop. With the support of experienced e-commerce people we decided to bring a new quality to shopping. The most important goal of this project is full customer satisfaction and delivery of contracted projects on time and to completion. A combination of my experience in crafting and my experience in delivering the right shopping experience, which is what all Oak Stall customers deserve and hopefully look forward to. You won't find several thousand products in the Oak Stall Shop. For now, it will be a few, a dozen or so. We want to do this slowly, with our heads. We want you to take an active part in it, too. We will successively add new products and unique collections, from which you will be able to assemble a costume, which will be the result of our full commitment to every element of creative work. I warmly invite you to get acquainted with our offer.

Kuba Lagunionok
Together with Oak Stall Shop team