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How to dress for a larp? [Part II]

How to dress for a larp? [Part II]

In the first part, I told you how to pack on Larp and what can't missing from our basic equipment. Having comfortable shoes, trousers or a shirt, we can focus on the next layers that will show and reflect the character of the character we want to play. In this part of the article, we mainly focus on fantasy costumes.

Although the term fantasy goes far into the future, we will mainly focus on inspections related to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In these epochs to which we most often return and field games take place, there are many very characteristic elements wardrobes. We are talking here about various types of tunics, gambesons , doublets, leather jackets or jackets. This layer is usually much more distinctive and is a much more advanced layer in your costume. It also says a lot more about your character and character status sometimes about your intentions and sometimes about how well prepared you are for your adventure.

The top layer worn most often is wool tunic or quilted gambeson . It is a good solution for long, cool evenings by the fire or as a kind of armor. It is very important to choose the right size so that such a top layer does not restrict movement. If we play civilian characters, the best wool tunic , which can take the form of a doublet, cotte or the Ruthenian kaftan . Warriors and knights much choose more gambeson , because it actually protects their body and allows them to wear additional layers of armor such as metal plate armor or chain mail.
Very often even leather jackets are used as outer garments! There are many historical leather jacket cuts that appear on larpas as the basis for a good costume. A well-preserved jacket protects against rain and sometimes even against the sword. What would a witcher's gear be without a studded jacket or Viking clothing without a leather armor?

Outerwear is able to give us an authentic look characters , if only we will try and match it well. On your way out, collect ... so many needed junk. We can put coins, letters, something to write, a flashlight or a phone into a spacious pannier or wallets. There is no number that covers the number of wallet shapes and all kinds of leather or fabric bags found in stores larp . Of course, the bursa should be hung up. Here, the most common use is a leather belt with a simple or decorative buckle , or a decorative hand-woven selvedge.

Such a completed costume is a fantastic basis for any Larp party.

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