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Shopping Guide and FAQ
We have prepared a shopping guide and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

The guide was mainly prepared for ticket sales for the following events:

HOST Winter Edition ; Host Viking Larp E03 ; Triglav

It contains information that facilitates purchasing tickets online and in instalments.

The document will be regularly updated, and we hope it will make shopping on our platform easier.
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Triglav | 29.08 - 1.09.2024
LARP shares the same world and roughly around the same time as Høst Ep1 and 2.

It will tell the story of three Slavic tribes that use the harvest festival as an opportunity to meet on neutral ground. They will meet to decide whether they will reconcile and resolve past disputes or continue to bear their grudges all while considering what lies ahead in the future.

Players will determine the fate of the tribes according to tradition and honour while trying to respect the spirits and demons that may walk this world as messengers of the gods. There will be no direct connection or information available from the original game... for now.
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HØST Winter Edition | 8 - 11.02.2024
As the days grow short and dark, the tale also darkens.

Sharing the same world as the main saga, this game presents a story of approximately 40 characters struggling against the unforgiving elements and whatever else may stalk the night outside of the fire's light. Characters from the main Høst plot can be introduced to this event under the screenwriter's supervision.

Expect a harsh winter environment as part of the game, however the experience will be calibrated to participants within reason and possibilities. Please, approach it as more of a survival winter experience with a plot rather than just a LARP.
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HØST Episode 03 | 6 - 9.06.2024
The king is dead and the throne is empty, who will take his place?

Two weeks have passed since the events of Episode 2. As the fires fade in warriors' hearts, the embers of ambition burn bright.
One hundred players from five different clans will meet to share their poems and sing the last songs for the late King Eirikr and those who fell with him in ritual battle, accompanying him on his journey to Valhalla. Most importantly, the players will determine the next steps and the fate of the alliance!

One can expect political intrigue, high-stakes situations, tales of glory, and loyalty oaths to be tested at this gathering. All clans will want to demonstrate their worthiness to take the seat of power, whether by the might of their arms, the sharpness of their tongues, or even the brilliance of their wit! With all of these displays of greatness, the importance of gaining the favour of the gods should not be forgotten.
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